Winning Statistics

DateGame PlayedNumber PlayingWinnerWinning Score or MethodLink (HTML)
03/12/2016King of Tokyo5Halen20 pointsDetails
02/13/20167 Wonders7Evan66Details
03/12/2016Archaeology: The New Expedition4Justin69Details
03/12/2016Bohnanza7Aaren9 + Most cardsDetails
03/19/2016Illuminati5EvanGained over 35 in PowerDetails
02/13/2016Lords of Waterdeep3Aaren165Details
03/12/2016Pandemic Legacy4The BoxOne disease spread too fast, and cubes ran out.Details
03/12/2016Pandemic Legacy4The BoxToo Many OutbreaksDetails
02/13/2016Power Grid4Randall17 Plants Built and PoweredDetails
03/24/2016Pandemic Legacy3Yuriy, Justin, HalenCured 3, Eradicated 1, Set up 6 military basesDetails
03/19/2016Pandemic Legacy3The BoxToo many outbreaks.Details
08/27/2016Codenames4Jenna and Daniel3 rounds to 2Details
03/12/2016Sheriff of Nottingham5Halen178Details
03/12/2016Ticket to Ride: Europe3Ginger132Details
04/30/2016Two Rooms and a Boom10Justin, Aaren, Evan, Jeremy G, Katie, GingerBomber and President in one room with Romeo and JulietDetails
04/30/2016Two Rooms and a Boom8NonePresident and Bomber in different rooms but no doctor for the presidentDetails
04/30/2016Two Rooms and a Boom8Jeremy G, Evan, Ginger, and JeffreyTerrorist and President in one roomDetails
04/30/2016Star Trek Catan4Ronnie10Details
04/30/2016Lords of Waterdeep4Justin140Details
04/30/2016Codenames4Justyna and Katie2 out of 3 roundsDetails
04/30/2016Codenames6Justyna, Katie, GingerGiving better clues?Details
04/30/2016Glory to Rome4EvanBuilt the Forum with all 6 patron typesDetails
04/30/2016The Grizzled3The BoxNo more cards over the gravestone.Details
04/30/2016The Grizzled3The Box4 Hard Knocks on One PlayerDetails
05/21/2016Codenames6Aaren, Katie, and Justyna (Same Results for 3 games or 3 rounds, not sure)TeamworkDetails Details Details
05/21/2016Codenames6Aaren, Katie, and JustynaTeamworkDetails
05/21/2016Smash Up3Evan17Details
05/21/2016One Night Ultimate Werewolf6JustinWerewolfDetails
05/21/2016One Night Ultimate Werewolf6Katie and RandallWerewolvesDetails
05/21/2016Thurn and Taxis: Power and Glory3Ginger27Details
05/21/2016Lanterns: The Harvest Festival4Katie49Details
05/21/2016Smash Up3Anthony15Details
05/21/20167 Wonders: Duel2EvanScienceDetails
05/21/2016Lanterns: The Harvest Festival4Justyna44Details
05/21/2016Pandemic Legacy3The BoxToo many outbreaksDetails
08/27/2016The Grizzled3The BoxUnbeatableDetails
08/27/2016Cosmic Encounters5JennaControl of 5 planets outside system firstDetails
06/18/2016Glory to Rome2Justin42Details
06/18/2016At the Gates of Loyang2Justin14 plus 9 coinsDetails
06/18/2016Apotheca2Evan3 potionsDetails
06/25/2016Archaeology: The New Expedition3Jeremy80Details
06/25/2016Power Grid4Bruce17 plants built and poweredDetails
06/25/2016Pandemic4Katie, Kate, Emmy, RonnieCured 4 diseasesDetails
06/25/2016Star Trek Catan4Jenna10Details
06/25/2016Thurn and Taxis: Power and Glory3Justin26Details
06/25/2016Bang! The Dice Game4Kate and EmmyKilled the sheriffDetails
06/25/2016Scattergories3RonniePoints UnknownDetails
06/25/2016Star Trek Catan3Kate12Details
06/25/2016Concept8Jenna, Katie, Aaren, LizTeamworkDetails
06/25/2016Codenames8Jenna, Katie, Aaren, Liz2 out of 3 roundsDetails
06/25/2016King of Tokyo5Evan21 pointsDetails
06/25/2016The Resistance: Avalon9Justin, Liz, Jeremy G, Katie, JennaCompleted 3 missions successfully and hid Merlin's identityDetails
08/04/2016Mottainai2No WinnerMessed up ending rule and didn't get point total. Maybe Evan.Details
06/25/2016Broom Service4Aaren70Details
06/25/2016Ticket to Ride: Europe5Jenna117Details
08/27/2016Red 74Ksenia43 (first to 30 to win)Details
07/09/2016Glory to Rome2EvanForum (with patron of each type)Details
07/16/2016Survive: Escape from Atlantis4Katie16Details
07/16/2016Coup4RonnieLast survivorDetails
07/16/2016Survive: Escape from Atlantis4Katie, Ginger, and Justyna3 way tie at 19Details
07/16/2016Coup4EmyLast survivorDetails
07/16/2016Thurn and Taxis: Power and Glory4GingerUnknownDetails
07/16/2016Lanterns: The Harvest Festival4Ronnie44Details
07/16/2016Chaos in the Old World5JennaKhorne completed her Threat Dial by killing many enemiesDetails
07/16/2016Survive: Escape from Atlantis4Ronnie24Details
08/27/2016The Grizzled4The BoxPlayers unsuccessfulDetails
08/27/2016King of Tokyo6Jeremy21 pointsDetails
08/27/2016The Resistance: Avalon8Ksenia, Halen, Sam (Bad)Not found outDetails
08/27/2016Summoner Wars2AnthonyTook out the summonerDetails
08/27/2016Catan: Cities and Knights3Bruce13 Victory PointsDetails
08/27/2016The Resistance: Avalon8Good (Ksenia, Halen, Justyna, Jef, and Aaren)Found the bad guys (Justin, Katie, and Sam)Details
08/27/2016Codenames7Jenna, Katie, AarenTeamworkDetails
08/27/2016Codenames7Justyna, Ksenia, Jeremy, DanielTeamworkDetails
08/27/2016Seventh Hero3BruceCollected 6 hero cardsDetails
10/01/2016Scythe3Jeremy G59Details
10/02/2016Sheriff of Nottingham3JennaMost money (unknown score)Details
10/29/2016Archaeology: The New Expedition5Evan68Details
10/29/2016Smash Up4Daniel18Details
10/29/2016One Night Ultimate Werewolf4Werewolves (Katie and Justin)1 roundDetails
10/29/2016Ticket to Ride Europe5Bruce118Details
10/29/2016Codenames: Mixed Up4Katie and Aaren2 rounds to 1Details
10/29/2016Thurn and Taxis Power and Glory4Halen23Details
10/29/2016I'm the Boss4Katie$1,400Details
10/29/2016Codenames: Deep Undercover7Team: Daniel, Jenna, and Jeremy G3 rounds to 1Details
10/29/2016Codenames: Pictures7Team: Ksenia, Justyna, Matt, and Evan2 rounds to 1Details
10/29/2016Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game5The BoxDidn't kill enough zombies, but the betrayer (Ginger) also did not succeed in her mission.Details
10/29/2016Thurn and Taxis Power and Glory4Tie: Bruce and Justin20Details
10/29/2016Broom Service5Evan61Details
11/19/2016Pandemic Legacy3The BoxToo many faded figure outbreaksDetails
11/19/2016Pandemic Legacy3Justin, Halen, Evan3 objectives complete (eradicate a disease, have 6 military bases, cure 3 normal diseases)Details
12/10/2016King of Tokyo6Jeremy G20 pointsDetails
12/10/2016Sherlock 133HalenRisky DeductionDetails
12/10/2016Sherlock 134EvanCareful DeductionDetails
12/10/2016Sherlock 134The BoxBad DeductionDetails
12/10/2016Dragon's Gold6Justin39Details
12/10/20167 Wonders: Duel3 (2 on 1)Jenna and Matt57Details
12/10/2016That's It!6Bruce3 CardsDetail
12/10/2016Spot It!6Sarah18Details
12/10/2016The Grizzled4 (5)Justin, Halen, Sarah, Evan (Jeremy)Lasted through trauma to get to peace.Details
12/10/2016Star Trek Catan3Bruce10Details
12/10/2016Scythe5 (6)Jenna (Matt)89 Details
12/10/2016Ticket to Ride: Europe4Daniel118Details
01/07/2017Toc Toc Woodman6Injae8Details
01/07/2017Toc Toc Woodman6Ronnie6Details
01/07/2017Toc Toc Woodman6Evan6Details
01/07/2017Toc Toc Woodman7Injae8Details
01/07/2017Toc Toc Woodman7Evan8Details
01/07/2017King of Tokyo9Bruce20 pointsDetails
01/07/2017One Night Ultimate Werewolf8Justyna, Katie, Kate, Injae, Ronnie, AarenDiscovered werewolves Bruce and SarahDetails
01/07/2017One Night Ultimate Werewolf8KatieWerewolf not foundDetails
01/07/2017One Night Ultimate Werewolf8RonnieTanner chosenDetails
01/07/2017One Night Ultimate Werewolf8Ronnie, Injae, Sarah, Kate, Katie, Bruce, Justyna, AarenAll villagers with no werewolves and no false accusationDetails
01/07/2017That's It!5Sarah3 CardsDetails
01/07/2017That's It!5Kate and SarahTieDetails
01/07/2017That's It!8Bruce3 CardsDetails
01/07/2017That's It!8Aaren3 CardsDetails
01/07/2017That's It!8Jenna3 CardsDetails
01/07/2017That's It!8Ryan3 CardsDetails
01/07/2017Chaos in the Old World5Evan Khorne Smashed to more than 50 VPDetails
01/07/2017Ticket to Ride3Injae98Details
02/11/2017Parade6Evan and TriciaTied at -12Details
02/11/2017Sushi Go Party!8Justyna42Details
02/11/2017Sushi Go Party!6Tricia65Details
02/11/2017That's It!4RonnieCollected More CardsDetails
02/11/20177 Wonders Duel2EvanMilitary VictoryDetails
02/11/2017Codenames6 in 2 teamsTricia, Katie, InjaeTeamworkDetails
02/11/2017Codenames6 in 2 teamsJustyna, Sarah, ChangyeonTeamworkDetails
02/11/2017Codenames6 in 2 teamsJustyna, Sarah, ChangyeonTeamworkDetails
02/11/2017Feast for Odin2Daniel56Details
02/11/2017King of Tokyo5JustynaSurvivorDetails
02/11/2017Betrayal at House on the Hill6Justyna and Injae TeamBetrayers sent all players to space in a rocket to be experimented on by aliensDetails
02/11/2017Pandemic Iberia4The BoxToo many outbreaks just one move before researching the last diseaseDetails
02/11/2017Sherlock 134JeremyDeductionDetails
02/11/2017Sherlock 134JustinSleuthingDetails
02/11/2017Love Letter Premium6JennaMore affection from the PrincessDetails
02/11/2017Tyrants of the Underdark4 (ish)Jenna and Mia team96Details
02/11/2017Boss Monster4Emy10 SoulsDetails
03/11/2017Jump Drive4Jeremy G73Details
03/11/2017Secret Hitler9Liberals (Halen, Justin, Jeremy, Bridget, Ryan)Killed Hitler (Sam)Details
03/11/2017Secret Hitler9Fascists (Evan, Bridget, Justin, and Ryan as Hitler)Passed enough policiesDetails
03/11/2017Parade7 (1 too many)Emy-1Details
03/11/2017Spyfall6 and later 7 midwayProbably Injae but inconclusiveMore points over 7 roundsDetails
03/11/2017Jump Drive2Jeremy57Details
03/11/2017Jump Drive2Jeremy67Details
03/11/2017FitzIt7JennaPlayed all cardsDetails
03/11/2017FitzIt7InjaePlayed all CardsDetails
03/11/2017FitzIt3JustinPlayed all CardsDetails
03/11/2017Codenames3the BoxExtreme Difficulty Level!! 
03/11/2017Codenames3the BoxExtreme Difficulty Level!!Details
03/11/2017Star Trek Catan4Ksenia10Details
03/11/2017Ticket to Ride Europe4Ryan127Details
03/11/2017Champions of Midgard4 (ish)Evan81Details
04/06/2017Pandemic Legacy3Justin, Halen, Evan3 Objectives: Cure 3 diseases, military base in every region, completed search for virologistDetails
04/06/2017Sherlock 133JustinDeduction and Luck of Draw (had 2 necklaces)Details
04/06/2017The Grizzled3The BoxFailed Mission and too many Hard KnocksDetails
04/06/2017The Grizzled3The BoxMassively failed last mission. Going out in a blaze of glory.Details
04/15/2017Among the Stars4Anthony TZehuti with 95 pointsDetails
04/15/2017Red 7 (Basic)2Bridget43Details
04/15/2017Red 7 (Advanced)2Evan52Details
04/15/2017Secret Hitler5Justin and Jeremy (Evan was killed)Killed Hitler (Anthony)Details
04/15/2017Secret Hitler7Injae, Justin, Jeremy, Justyna, and AnthonyLiberal Win by PoliciesDetails
04/15/20173 Person Chess3EvanCheckmated Daniel with some assist from InjaeDetails
04/15/2017Tyrants of the Underdark4Anthony T85Details
04/15/2017Ticket to Ride Europe4Injae129Details
04/15/2017Alchemists3Jeremy G45Details
04/15/2017Tsuro of the Seas4Anthony TLast to not be eaten by the dragonDetails
04/15/2017Jump Drive3Justin50+Details
05/20/2017Bora Bora2Justin150Details
05/20/2017Tragedy Looper4Jeremy GKey character led to serial killer. Jeremy was the mastermind.Details
05/20/2017REX: Final Days of an Empire5Jenna and HalenAllied to hold 4 strongholds (Sol and Lazax) 
05/20/2017Mottainai2Jeremy GTied at 14 but was the game finisher to winDetails
05/20/2017Smash Up3Jeremy G18Details
05/20/2017Secret Hitler6Justin, Aaren, Henry, JanaLiberals by PolicyDetails
05/20/2017Secret Hitler6Aaren, Halen, Jenna, JanaKilled HitlerDetails
05/20/2017Secret Hitler6Justin, Halen, Henry JanaLiberals by PolicyDetails
05/20/2017Bang! The Dice Game6Jana, Daniel, and HenryPolice cleaned upDetails
05/20/2017Bang! The Dice Game6Daniel, Jeremy G, RyanOutlaws killed the SheriffDetails
05/20/2017Jump Drive2Jeremy G50 plusDetails
05/20/2017Jump Drive2Jeremy G50 plusDetails


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