Maintain Alchemy for Tickets to Sea Jump

I didn’t take many pictures from this point for the April 15th, 2017 game day.  We had games of Mottainai, Alchemists, Ticket to Ride, Tsuro of the Seas, and finally Jump Drive.

Injae and I moved to Mottainai after 3 Person Chess, and Justin, Jeremy, and Daniel started playing Alchemists.  Injae played Mottainai for the first time and got the concepts down pretty well although it is a steep learning curve knowing the cards and what is worth building.  We ended the game with me getting 20 points to his 12.  I had good sales in metal, as well as one item built, and backorders in hand.

Jeremy bought Alchemists earlier in the same day as the event, but he had read the rules the day before and was able to teach the game to Justin and Daniel while all played for the first time.  The game looked interesting. I liked the private screens with information, and it looked like an app was involved with final scoring.  The game appeared to be about learning to be an alchemist, making proofs, and the final result came to making correct answers on a test.  Jeremy took a narrow win with 45 points to Daniel’s 44.

Ticket to Ride Europe was my final game of the day with Justyna, Bridget, and Injae.  The game went well. There was some confusion with Justyna somehow getting 2 long routes, but she finished them anyway and ended up with 3rd place, so that was worth recording.  Injae came in first with a commanding 129 points followed by me with 109.  Justyna was ahead of me but used more of the stations and didn’t get those points.

Jenna, Justyna, Bridget, and Anthony played Tsuro of the Seas. I left at that point so didn’t really see much of the game.  I know that everyone was eaten by the dragon; however, leaving Anthony to win as the final survivor and Jenna the last one eaten.

The last game of the night was Jump Drive. It was a quick game between Daniel, Justin, and Jeremy. I don’t have the exact scores, but Justin won with just over 50 points.

Among Red Secret Chess Tyrants

Or a description of games played early April 15th including Among the Stars, Red 7, Secret Hitler, 3 Person Chess, and Tyrants of the Underdark.

Among the Stars was played by the first 4 players to show up (I just recorded some of the game play with my phone while waiting for more players to show up in the above video).  It was Injae’s game, but he had never played it before, and the game had made some rounds since Justin had sold it into other hands making its way back to our group.  Justin was able to explain the game effectively to Anthony and Injae as it was originally his game.  Jeremy, I believe, had played it before.  Anthony won with 95 points using the 2 faced Ludons, Justin followed with 93 using the  Vak. Jeremy played using the snake like Sissaurians, and Injae had the fun to rhyme Zehuti.

While Among the Stars was happening. I taught Bridget to play Red 7. She played several undefeated hands to win 43 to 0 using the basic rules. She obviously got the game down pretty quickly.  Her first hand win strategically ended with the rule involving having the most different colors.  We decided to move onto the advanced rules which add some more abilities when playing odd numbers to a players canvas. 1 allows a player to remove a card from an opponents canvas (if they don’t have fewer cards), 3 allows a player to draw a card, 5 allows a player to play another card to the canvas, and 7 makes a player remove a card from their own canvas and either put it on the top of the draw pile or place it as the new rule.  I was finally able to break out of my several hand losing streak and finally win 52 to 28.

Among the Stars finished and Bridget and I joined Jeremy, Anthony, Injae, and Justin in a game of Secret Hitler. The liberals kind of won, but the rules were not entirely understood for the results of no chosen government. Fascist policies were drawn when no government was agreed upon several times leading to the liberals having the power to try to shoot a fascist. Justin chose Anthony successfully ridding the world of an effective first time playing Secret Hitler.  Unfortunately, this power should only be available to an elected president, so maybe Anthony and Bridget should have won.  The game ending was unclear.

A 2nd game of Secret Hitler followed with Jenna, Injae, Bridget, Justin, Jeremy, Anthony, and Justyna.  The ending was a clear cut win for the liberals from what I can see in the results.  Fascists, Bridget and Jenna, were unable to get enough policies passed before the liberals got their policies passed.

Daniel, Injae, and I started a game of 3 Person Chess while the 2nd Secret Hitler was going.  It was Injae’s game.  The board had some unique qualities to add to the basic rules of chess. We played a gentlemen’s rule in which one player can’t be attacked further by the 3rd player if in check.  However, it is still quite challenging to watch attacks from 2 enemies.  The game ends with a win for whichever player can place either other player into checkmate.  This time, I got the win but with some tired cooperation from Injae who was getting fatigued it seemed. He chased Daniel into a trap I had already set giving me the last move, creating a queen from a pawn and checkmating Daniel.



The next game to start up (at least for this part of the write up) was Tyrants of Underdark played by Bridget, Justyna, Jenna, and Anthony.  Jenna was the only one who had played before.  She taught the other players but because of her strong start and expertise was a big target. Anthony won with 85 points in the end.

It was August in Pandemic Legacy

Got in some quick games with Justin and Halen on Thursday of my birthday week.  The main event was a big win in Pandemic Legacy (which we hadn’t played since November I think).  We also got in some quick games of Sherlock 13 and The Grizzled.

We had to complete 3 objectives to get an August win in Pandemic Legacy, and one of those had to be curing 3 diseases. There were about 5 other options including 2 search missions and having a military base in each of 6 world regions.  From the start, we already had 6 military bases, so that was 1 down.

Our next objective was a search mission.  We decided to focus on getting the virologist first as that was the first to come up and would give us a new useful character to fight a mostly unstoppable disease. At this point, it is mostly only possible to slow it down with quarantines, blockades, and basically killing zombie like people with the disease. We had a lucky start with Justin able to discard a card of the matching color to search and Halen able to do 2 searches. Along with some bonuses for certain search conditions, that gave us another objective complete in the first round but also a first epidemic in the same round.

The final mandatory mission involved a lot of trading information between players and luck of the draw, but we were able to hold things together long enough to get the cards and cure the diseases. I played the scientist, who is able to cure a disease with only 4 cards of a color, and Halen was the researcher making exchange of information easier.  I cured the red disease early on and a few rounds later Halen and I both had the cards to stop yellow then blue consecutively in a single last round.

The biggest struggle we faced this time around was holding back outbreaks in the untreatable disease zone.  Justin had the soldier who has the ability to stay in a city with a faded figures without getting a scar.  He was able to hold back the outbreaks a little with strategic quarantines by moving in and out of cities with 3 faded figures next to each other.  We also got a new ability that allowed us to trade a scar for a turn with no infections which we used quite liberally this game.  With the new virologist, the faded figures should be less of a problem next time hopefully. We also probably should have used the colonel instead of the soldier (…) because the colonel had an additional upgrade that removed faded figures by just leaving a city.  Could have knocked them out by just moving through.  Oh well. We won at some cost and have hope for September when we will hopefully get the immunologist.

Next came a game of Sherlock 13 with some alternate rules.  Justin recommended a rule where the cards get rotated in a way that allows players to give less complete answers making deduction more challenging and uncertain. It was interesting, but we decided the Grizzled would be a better use of our short time.

So far our group only has 1 win against the box in the Grizzled game on record.  Justin added the expansion rules, but they don’t change the feel or strategy of the
game much.  The Grizzled is still a fight against the inevitable in the horror of war.  It is about a slim chance at survival but not getting out undamaged even with a win.  We played 2 losing games.  The first was a quick loss. We were less than lucky and the cards worked against survival after just 2 missions ending with a lost mission and Halen with 6 hard knocks.  The 2nd game went longer but didn’t progress toward getting rid of enough cards in missions to get out of the war zone alive.  We took one final chance with all the remaining cards but went out in a blaze of glory.  That’s war.

Terra Mystica

For 2 to 5 players in 60 to 150 minutes. A high complexity game of area control in which you play one of 14 different races which must live in one of seven different kinds of environments. In order to advance your race, you must expand your liveable environment.  The game also involves advancing in religion, special skills, seafaring, terraforming, resources, finance, and dwelling to advance and control more than your neighbors.  The races include Fakirs and nomads in the deserts, halflings and cultists in the plains, alchemists and darklings in the swamp, mermaids and swarmlings in the lake, witches and auren in the forest, dwarves and engineers in the mountains, and giants and chaos magicians in the wastelands. There is a lot to do and much more comes down to strategy than luck.

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T.I.M.E. Stories

For 2 to 4 players in 90 minutes. The game can also be saved to continue later, and unlimited attempts are possible as this is a game of time travel using a team of agents often taking control of locals to the time and place. Explore all the possibilities and try to solve the puzzles and mysteries in the scenario using a set number of Time Units, TU. The original game comes with one time paradox scenario covered by 120 cards. Future sets will come with different stories and missions to play through.

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Among the Stars

For 2 to 4 players in about 30 minutes.  Be the space race to create the best space station (recognized by victory points) over the course of 4 years in game using simultaneous card drafting.  These races are living in peace and building together to fight a greater incoming threat. Different races have their own special abilities making various strategies possible even with relatively fast game play.

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No Thanks!

3 to 7 players in 20 to 30 minutes.  This game is another that involves trying to have the lowest score.  A card is placed in the center of the table and players can choose to pass on the by placing a chip or pick up the card along with all the chips placed on it. Each card is worth from 3 to 35 points but can be less if placed in runs (example 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 would be worth just the lowest card 10 points).  Chips are also worth -1 point in the end.

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The Oracle of Delphi

2 to 4 players in 70 to 100 minutes. An attempt to please Zeus by completing 12 tasks. Whoever can complete the tasks first gets to visit the gods on Olympus.  However, information is necessary to complete the tasks.  Your player explores from island to island killing monsters, giving offerings, raising statues, etc. Directions come from the dice representing the Oracles of Delphi.  They guide the way along with possible help from the gods.

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Jump Drive

2 to 4 players in 10 to 30 minutes playing a fast paced tableau building card game in the Race for the Galaxy universe.  Game play is fast and simple.  Discovering planets and building technology by discarding cards. You build up your point making and card gathering ability with each build until someone reaches or surpasses 50 points, and the game ends.  The highest point total wins.  Exploration can also help in building better card options as well as some cards synergy and related card symbols.  Not complex but fast and fun with interesting art to look at while going for points.

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2 to 17 players in 20 minutes it says. Although, I am not sure I would try for the 17 player variety.  Maybe that is just listed based on the number of cards in the box per player.

The game includes many cards that include descriptions.  The idea of the game is to fit cards descriptions together in a crossword like grid by naming items that could fit several cards in your hand and 1 already on the table.  Your 2 cards might say, “Usually used while camping” and “Can Away” while the cards in the grid say “Provides shelter” and “Can be rolled up”. You could add your cards and say, “a tent” as long as nobody else had already used that word before.

Whoever uses up all their cards first is the winner.  It is also possible to give cards away to other players by putting out sets of 4 or 5 cards or adding to a line of cards that is already 4 cards long.

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