Extra Credit

Jeremy, Jenna, Justin, and Halen went off to dinner after games at Cafe Swan Valley. After dinner, they enjoyed some games.  I heard that Jeremy and Justin won some games of Spyfall, but I don’t know details.  Also evil found Merlin 3 times or so in games of The Resistance: Avalon, but I don’t know who played for which team.

Sunday, games continued first with 3 players. Justin, Jeremy, and Halen played Tyrants of the Underdark again. Justin won with 74 not giving Jeremy a birthday win or anything.

Jenna joined them and games continued with Scythe.  Jeremy won that one with 99 points playing one of the expansion factions, Clan Albion.

They finished with a game of Inis in which Halen took 6 sanctuaries to win over Jeremy, Justin, and Jenna. One of 3 ways to win in the game.

Board Games with Friends

June 17th, 2017 started out with a 4 player game of Mottainai. Not a lot of social deduction or party games this time around.  Jeremy and I had played a good amount, but Sam had a bit of an intro game under his belt, and Anthony T was playing for the first time.  This was my first time with more than 2 players actually, so that added a new dimension for me as well. Jeremy ended up winning with 16 points followed by Sam with 14.  Jeremy saw some thing building up, so he rushed to finish with an advantage. Sam had a slow start but did quite well stealing some points off Jeremy just before the end as well. It was a close game with Anthony and I not far back from the lead either.  Great game.

Justin, Halen, and Jenna got into a game of Clank! while waiting for Mottainai to finish.  Justin’s character died midway through leaving Halen to cement her victory at 191 points.

We finally got Vegas Showdown to the table. I actually bought the game almost a year ago but kept not bringing it out in favor of other games.  Sam, Justin, Halen, Bridget, and I played. Justin and Halen had played before. In fact, I bought this copy of the game off someone who had originally bought it off Halen.  Small gaming world.  I had played a demo game myself to get a handle on the rules and planning to make a video but didn’t end up making a video. The rules were simple and straight-forward enough that I didn’t see the point, plus I didn’t have the time.  It was an enjoyable, intermediate complexity game.  The theme is not overly exciting, but I think it is a good standby to play with my English students or something easy to explain to new gamers.  Bridget ended up winning by a good margin with 52 points followed by me with 45.

Tyrants of the Underdark and Isle of Skye followed. Anthony T, Daniel, Jenna, and Jeremy played Tyrants.  I believe only Anthony hadn’t played before.  Jeremy won at his game with 75 points followed by Anthony at 68 but no one far behind. Anthony took off after this game.

Halen, Sam, Justin, and I continued with a game of Isle of Skye: From Cheiftain to King.  Bridget took off after the Vegas Showdown game.  It was Sam’s game, and he taught the 3 of us to play.  It is a relatively simple tile map building game. The tiles are drawn randomly and each player puts a price on 2 of their tiles up for offer.  Each player can choose to buy up to 1 tile off another player hoping to build up their own map and stop the other players from obtaining tiles that could give them points. The combinations that lead to points change each game, and each round had slightly different goals.  It was a simple quick game that was quite easy to learn. Sam won with 57 points, and the rest of us ended up with points in the 40s.

The final 2 games at the cafe were The Oracle of Delphi and Fields of Green.  I know the game ended up being a massacre with Halen leaving her competition (Jenna, Justin, and Sam) far behind.

Daniel, Jeremy, and I played Fields of Green. I am told it is similar to Among the Stars which I hadn’t played. Jeremy and I hadn’t played before, but Jeremy knew Among the Stars and said he prefers this down to earth farming take on this tableau building game.  It has some things in common with 7 Wonders with passing cards and paying to build with prerequisites but included some strategy related to providing water and wheat to different cards called livestock, fields, construction, and buildings. Each kind of card with different immediate or harvest abilities.  I got my win for the day here with 57 points followed by Jeremy but no pictures of the final result unfortunately.

Games continued beyond the cafe along with dinner in celebration of Jeremy’s birthday but I could not. Those games I will post next.

Unscored or Unrecorded

We were joined by some new players and some language exchange people.  Many were new to games and general along with learning the games in a non-native language.  They played just for the experience and the joy (I hope).  I saw games of Codenames, Red7 (Not sure it lasted long), Coda (Da Vinci Code), and Rummikub. I am sure there were winners involved.  The new players included Jihee, Heeyeon, Chan, Pouria, and Maya. Hopefully, they return for more fun, low key gaming, and we didn’t scare them off with some of the more intense gaming.


2 to 4 players in 60 to 90 minutes.  This is a card drafting game with area control and leadership win conditions.  The theme is Celtic with mythology and events throughout including movement and battles.  Use religious mythology.  Inspire your clan.  Be a leader. Control the lands.

More info.

Twilight Imperium (3rd Edition)

This is a true monster of a game for 3 to 6 players without the expansion or 3 to 8 players with expansions (out of print currently).  I only have the base game now and will likely not get this out to play often as it can range from 3 to 8 hours depending on experience and number of players.  It is space battles, technology, politics, alien races with special race traits, action cards, exploration, resources collection, building, and a race to get 10 victory points first by fulfilling objectives secret and shared.  This is the big one.  It is amazingly complex while still being a fun ride.  Too bad only 1 person can win in the end!

More info.

The Longer Games

May 20, 2017, we played 5 longer games.  Rex: Final Days of an Empire was a new one for the group along with Clank! and Tragedy Looper.  Bora Bora and Scythe are not new but always enjoyable.

Tragedy Looper and REX were the first long games up.  5 played REX and 4 played Tragedy Looper.  REX was my game and Tragedy Looper was Jeremy’s. I also made videos for REX with game rules for anyone who wants to play in the future.

Halen, Justin, Jenna, Evan, and Aaren played this first attempt by the Yangsan Gamerz at REX. I had played once before in Jeju on my friends board and bought my own set a few months ago.  I was pretty familiar with the rules though after making the videos and was able to explain to the other players for the most part.  It would have been better if I could have finished making the video earlier, so people could have been familiar already, but it didn’t work out that way.  With 5 players, Jenna was the Federation of Sol (human revolution), Halen was the Lazax Empire (rebelled against), Justin was the Emirates of Hacan (lion looking traders), Aaren was the Universities of Jol-Nar (brain in a jar technology leaders), and I was the Barony of Letnev (devious like the Harkonens from Dune).  The revolution and the empire ended up teaming up against the other upstarts however.  Halen and Jenna won in the 5th or 6th round of play by allying and controlling 4 strongholds between them.  Well played!

Jeremy, Daniel, Jenna, and Henry played Tragedy Looper. Only Jeremy knew the game, and he played the part of the mastermind leading the other players through the scenario.  Unfortunately, through subtlety, trickery, and whatever means Jeremy was able to get Daniel to lead the key character to their death by serial killer after some play loops.  Deduction failed, and Jeremy won as the game mastermind.

Next, the group broke into 3 groups for Bora Bora, Scythe, and Clank!  Jeremy and Justin played Bora Bora.  Jeremy played for the first time with Justin explaining.  Justin finished with 150 to Jeremy’s 120.

Scythe looked like it was going to be a runaway victory by Halen.  The game went much faster than I expected with only 3 players to my shame. I (playing red) was not prepared after playing 2 much slower paced games.  Jenna (playing black) and Halen (playing blue) finished pretty close, but Halen’s runaway game was not quite enough to beat Jenna.  She finished with 82 to Halen’s 80 coins.

The last big game was Clank! It was a first time play for all but Daniel.  The game involves seeking treasure while trying to not disturb or get caught by the dragon in the form of a deckbuilding game.  Bridget, Ryan, Aaren, and Daniel played.  Bridget took a fairly close victory of 120 points to Daniel’s 111.  Ryan ended up Dragon food.

REX: Final Days of an Empire Tutorial Videos

Here is my first attempt at teaching a game through video.  Every part was a new experience as I had never attempted video editing or anything before.  I chose a complicated game to do for the first trial, but it went mostly well. It is posted on Youtube in 3 parts, so no one video is too long.  There are some notes below the video to correct some errors or further clarify what I missed.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

The Short Plays

May 20, 2017 was another game day.  I didn’t get any pictures this time, so I will just write up a few details here for the shorter games and another post for the longer ones.

Games started a little early with Daniel learning how to play Android: Netrunner.  Justin and Halen spent some time teaching the game, but there was no official score to record.  However, it was a good game and will likely lead to more games of Netrunner in the future.

Jeremy and I played a quick game of Mottainai while waiting for more players.  Jeremy played strategically to end the game quickly thinking he had an easy win with his early hand of cards.  The score ended up being a tie after counting backorders and sales on my side.  However, a tie goes to the player who ended the game, so Jeremy still got the win with 14 points and being the current player.

More players arrived about the time that Netrunner and Mottainai finished, so we split the group into 2.  The larger group played Secret Hitler 3 times.  That group included Halen, Jenna, Justin, Aaren, Jana, and Henry. Jana and Henry were new to the group, joining from Jinju.  All 3 games were wins for the liberals.  The first win was for Justin, Aaren, Henry, and Jana by policy. The second win was by Aaren, Halen, Jenna, and Jana. They killed their own team member Aaren but got Justin Hitler with the 2nd kill.  The third win was by Justin, Halen, Henry, and Jana with policy.

At some point people were playing Red 7 but didn’t finish or record any result.

Jeremy, Daniel, and I played Smash Up while the others played Secret Hitler.  Jeremy won using the killer plant and mad scientist factions.  He ended the game with 18 points to my 15 using bear cavalry and aliens.  The result was decisive, but I came close to winning a couple times before Jeremy got his big victory only to be blocked by Daniel’s super spies.

Later, while some long games were happening Jana, Ryan, Bridget, Daniel, Henry, and Jeremy played 2 games of Bang! The Dice Game. The first game was a blowout victory for the sheriff and deputies partially because there was 1 too many of them dealt into the game.  Jana was the sheriff with Daniel and Henry as deputies.  The 2nd game was a win by the outlaws played by Daniel, Jeremy, and Ryan.  They killed sheriff Bridget.

Justin and Jeremy also played 2 games of Jump Drive.  Jeremy won both games with between 50 and 60 points.


This is a simple dice rolling dexterity game for 1 to 4 players that can be played in about 30 minutes. A player gets 4 dice in an individual color and tries to roll, flick, slide, or whatever the dice into the best position on the steps to get 1 to 4 times the value of their roll in points.  Landing off the stairs gives a player 0 points.  The play continues through 4 rounds of each player using all 4 dice and adding up the score. The highest scorer wins in the end.

More info.