February 11th Part Two

We turned to longer and more serious gaming next with Jeremy’s Tyrants of the Underdark and A Feast for Odin. There was still space for some light games however with Codenames, Boss Monster, and Justyna’s copy of King of Tokyo.

We played Tyrants of the Underdark with Jeremy introducing the game to 5 new players. It is a 4 player deck building and area control game in the DnD world using the Drow or dark elves  battling and building up forces.  Mia and James were pretty new to games, so Mia teamed up with Jenna, and James teamed up with Sam who ended up leaving midway through the game leaving just James. Evan and Jeremy played individually.  It was a quick somewhat low scoring game as James was able to bring his forces to the board using good deployment cards. Once his troops were all in play the game ended quickly, and we added up the scores with Jenna and Mia taking the win with 96 points followed closely by the other players except for the cursed teacher of the game.

I didn’t get any pictures of Codenames, Boss Monster, or King of Tokyo.  Codenames went for 3 rounds with teams of 3 on 3.  Justyna, Sarah, and Changyeon versus Tricia, Katie, and Injae.  Tricia, Katie, and Injae won the first round of play, but Justyna, Sarah, and Changyeon one the next 2 rounds showing great teamwork.

Boss Monster came with Anthony T I think. The game is about making a dungeon that will attract and kill off more heroes before the other monsters. The first player to 10 kills without death by wounds is the winner. This time Emy won with 10 souls versus Ronnie, Anthony, and Kate.

King of Tokyo hit the table with Justyna, Sarah, Injae, Tricia, and Changyeon playing.  Justyna ended up winning I think by knocking everyone else out, but I am not sure of that.

Justin showed Ronnie and Daniel how to play A Feast for Odin. Both of them were quite keen on the Odin theme. It was their first time playing a heavy Worker Placement game with a lot of choices. This game in particular gives player around 60 choices at the start of the round. Justin stuck around and gave strategy tips for them. Daniel took the win but Ronnie wasn’t too far behind.

The final games of the night were Betrayal at House on the Hill and Pandemic Iberia.  Betrayal for one looked to be a very entertaining story of aliens and synchronized swimming.  The players were a team of Injae and Justyna, Anthony, Sarah, Emy, Katie, and Kate.

The players were locked in a house and had to attempt many skills to get out.  After many attempts at the tricks they failed to escape.  One particular task was synchronized swimming somehow. Injae/Justyna ended up being the betrayer character who was Doctor Frank N. Sense’s assistant.  They summoned monsters to make completing tasks and skills more difficult for the other players, and time ran out. The house turned into a big rocket and flew to another planet where aliens did strange experiments on all of them.  The end.

The last game at Swan Valley was Pandemic Iberia with Evan, Anthony, Sara and Justin. Other players had taken off at that point for dinner.  The game has different roles from the original Pandemic based on new mechanics appropriate to the earlier time period. Rail laying is essential in moving around the board even as the map is so much smaller.  Players can also move over water.  Another possible move is purifying water in order to hold off infection for a quadrant of the board.   There was an early misplay on the first turn that caused an outbreak which might have cost the the game. Play continued intelligently and strategically after that with good cooperation.  However, the last epidemic came, and though the players were on the verge of winning on the very next turn, the cards drawn created several more outbreaks which ended the game in a loss. All in all, there were some great strategic moves despite the lack of success. These ideas will help players make better decisions the next time. Such a tight game!

Such a great day of games! See everyone next time!

February 11th Part One

For February 11th, 2017 we played at Cafe Swan Valley.  This ended up being a great location for games with several good size tables and a very generous owner.  Not to mention the food was great and prices reasonable. We will definitely play here again in the future I think.

The first sets of games included Parade, That’s It, and Sherlock 13.  Evan introduced his game, Parade to all the players more than once as more players arrived during set up and explanations.  The first game was with Tricia, Justyna, Injae, Sarah, Changyeon, and Evan.  Evan and Tricia tied at -12 to win.  The game is won by the person with the fewest negative points.  The scores were all close, and the players picked up on the rules quickly.  The 2nd game had the addition of Daniel to the game and Tricia and Changyeon teamed up.  This time Sarah won with a very high score of -4 followed by Evan with -10.  The negatives got a bit bigger this time with a more competitive 2nd game strategy.

Played two quick games of Sherlock 13. It was the first time for a few players. James, Mia, and Jeremy were first timers. Jeremy took the first game versus James, Sam, and Justin quite quickly by making a quick guess that was well informed, and so he took that game. The 2nd game was versus Mia, Justin, and Sam.  He made another guess but got it wrong which lead the way for Justin to win.

Ronnie, Kate, Emy, and Anthony played That’s It! for quite awhile, and Ronnie ended up winning that with more cards than other players but an unknown number.  I heard one hint for something that turns your eyes red and a guess at soju which seems reasonable except the game was not made in Korea.

The 2nd batch of short games included Sushi Go Party!, Love Letter Premium, and 7 Wonders Duel.

Sushi Go Party! was a first for all players I believe, but Injae and Evan at least had played the original game.  Daniel, Evan, Sarah, Changyeon, Tricia, Injae, Justyna, and Katie played the first round with Justyna emerging the winner with 42 points, followed by 38 from Daniel, and 36 from Evan. The addition of some new cards and the board in the party version make for welcome new elements to give the game more replay value and interesting variations.  I liked the risk of possibly getting 3 points or nothing for miso if another player also chose that card on the same turn.

The 2nd round was played between Tricia, Changyeon, Injae, Katie, Justyna, and Sarah with higher scores with 6 rather than 8 players.  Tricia won with 65, Changyeon got 2nd with 63, and Injae grabbed 3rd with 56 points.

While the 2nd round of Sushi Go Party! was happening, Evan and Daniel pursued a game of 7 Wonders Duel.  Daniel was very strong in victory points, but we didn’t count them up because Evan won a military victory and was also pretty close to a science one.

Also played love Letter with 6 players including Jenna, Justin, Jeremy, James, Mia, and Sam. A lot of first timers in this won especially with the new roles included in the premium edition. The game does tend to take longer with the added roles. Jenna got ahead quickly and at one point got two tokens with a well timed role of guessing James card when all other players were eliminated which netted her two tokens for the final win.

Finally, Justin tried to introduce Insider to a few players but didn’t end up playing a real recorded game.  This was just a chance for a bunch of people to try the new party deduction word game.


Boss Monster

A  dungeon building card game for 2 to 4 players in 20 minutes.  Build up your bosses dungeons to destroy more heroes that dare to come your way.  Each card has different kinds of enemies to create difficulties for heroes, but heroes also come in many varieties of strength, skill, and number to test your dungeon.  Get rid of 10 heroes first to win, but lose if too many heroes get through and wound your boss 5 times.

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Deus in Review

By Justin:

(3.75 out of 5 rockets)

A card driven engine building area control game for 2-4 players. This game has a similar feeling to San Juan where you are building cards into your tableau to increase your engine capabilities and getting rid of card that don’t. It’s addition of a board makes things even more interesting. The choice of where to build is not always evident, and that creates interesting decisions. Choosing which cards to get rid of in order to draw cards that more finely turn your engine makes it even more challenging because giving up semi-good cards will likely increase your chances of drawing that one card type that you need to score a lot of points.

Plays well at all player counts but just like most games that I enjoy, the two player count is excellent and recommended because there can be a lot of down time with more players while waiting for people to decide which cards to play and which cards to discard. Although with more experience that time might decrease in a 3 or 4 person game.

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Secret Hitler

A strangely themed but entertaining party game for 5 to 10 players in 45 minutes.  It is a game played between teams of liberals and fascists.  Fascists try to secretly get fascist laws by the liberal team without being caught and also to get their secret Hitler elected if possible.  Liberals try get liberal laws passed and to try to assassinate the secret Hitler if possible.  This is all meant to take place before World War 2.

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Rex: Final Days of an Empire

An area control space battle/negotiation between races game for 3 to 6 players that takes about 2 hours.  Rex is set in the same world as Twilight Imperium which I may get in the future.  This is a much shorter game however based on a previous Dune game.  This game is set at the end of the Lazax Empire and the events that surrounded it prior to the time period of Twilight Imperium.

There are many races to control with different racial strengths, abilities, and goals.  The goal is controlling 3 key areas to win through negotiation, battle, partnership, betrayal, or whatever.  The partners or individual who control 3 key areas win the game.

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A trick-taking game for 2 to 6 players in 20 to 30 minutes similar to hearts or other common card games except when taking tricks or playing against the  chosen suit (sluffing) the different suits also create actions that allow players to take diamonds.  Whoever has the most diamonds after a few rounds of play is the winner.

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Champions of Midgard

A Viking mythology themed worker placement game with dice rolling battle for 2 to 4 players in 60 to 90 minutes.  Play as a clan leader defending people against creatures attacking a harbor town.  Gain the most glory and be named Jarl in the end if you win.  Battle is done by collecting special dice as your warriors and resources must be collected to build and feed your people.

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Tyrants of the Underdark

2 to 4 players in 60 minutes. A fantasy themed game of deck building, area control, assassination, and recruiting more minions.  The game starts with players shuffling together 2 decks of 40 cards.  Cards represent minions with different specialties in factions of Drow, Dragons, Demons, and Elemental Evil.  The game is won by the player with the most points gained through the various power plays, area control, assassination, promotion to the inner circle, etc.

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Day & Night

2 players in 45 minutes.  Play as Lady Day or Lady Night in a contest to control more area on the board.  The 2 ladies have different styles of magic and powers they can use by playing cards of magic in order to take control of a tile.  Enough tiles linked together, and player can place a temple.  The player that gains 2 temples first wins.

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