July 16th, 2016 Game Day: Miscellaneous Practice/Short/Filler Games

There were a lot of little fillers between big games with no real score to record but some challenges and fun worth mentioning for this game day.

There were some rounds of Concept with no final result starting with just Aaren, Justin, Evan, and Jeremy G then later including Daniel and Jenna to start the day of games.  Almost no success, but I think before we finished Jenna, Aaren, and Justin finally had 2 points to Daniel, Evan, and Jeremy G’s one point.  Not a full game but some challenging communication.

There were some learning games of Tichu with Katie, Justyna, Ksenia, and Ginger followed by a second learning game with for Justyna and Ksenia but paired with Halen and Justin.  There are no results to record but good games anyway.

2016-07-16 21.14.26

There was some Codenames using Dixit cards successfully for 2 rounds.  Justin gave clues with pictures and Jenna as well.  We played with no teams against the Box at that point with Evan, Jeremy G, and Daniel as well. Later they switched to words for a single round of team play Evan and Daniel versus Jenna and Jeremy G before Evan had to return to his wife and daughter.  Evan and Daniel beat Jenna and Jeremy G in that round by a narrow margin and some risky calls.

One round of Spyfall was also played in which Ronnie revealed herself as the spy before she could be caught but failed to guess the location leading to a win by Aaren, Kate, Emy, Daniel, Jeremy G, and Jenna.  However, it was a single round.

Finally, Halen, Justin, Daniel, Jenna, and Aaren played some rounds of Mafia de Cuba. An enjoyable but short game with no results to record. The last game of the night when all the other players had left.


Star Trek Catan

2016-06-25 20.09.55

Ronnie was the teacher once again.  She showed Kate and Emmy how to play leading to Kate winning the game with over the usual total victory points at 12.  Ronnie got 11 points and Emmy 8. This as the groups final game before leaving for the day.  They fit a lot of games into their time.  Hope they can come to join us from Busan again next time.

Bang! The Dice Game

2016-06-25 17.22.01
Emmy, Kate, Katie, and Ronnie were able to get 2 more games in while other groups were playing longer sessions.  The 2nd game was Bang! which was new for Emmy and Kate, so Ronnie taught them the game.  The final result was an outlaw win by Emmy and Kate killing sheriff Katie and besting Ronnie the renegade.

2016-06-25 17.22.07


2016-06-25 16.48.34Katie taught this cooperative game to Ronnie, Emmy, and Kate.  This was Emmy and Kate’s first time joining the group.  This group also started out with a win against the box.  They played an intro game with 4 epidemics in the deck.  They didn’t wipe out any diseases in the process but did cure all 4 of them.

Star Trek Catan

Ronnie came a long way to play some games and really wanted some Star Trek action.  She also happened to win the game, so pretty good result for her.  She built up starbases (cities) while other players were distracted by who had the longest road.  Well played.  Evan ended with 8, Katie with 4, and Justyna with 5.

Two Rooms and a Boom

The third game of the day was also won by the terrorists with Jeremy as the Bomber and Katie as the President.  They ended up in the same room basically under terrorist control the whole time.  Other red players included Ginger, Jeffrey, and Evan.

Two Rooms and a Boom

The 2nd game had no winner.  Evan was the bomber for the 2nd time in a row and was able to meet up with the engineer. Justin was the president but was unable to meet up with the doctor.  The game ended with both in different rooms.