Scythe (borrowed)

2016-10-01-15-29-455 players played Scythe on Saturday, October 1st.  Justin and Halen had already played 2 practice games, so they had the best handle on the rules.  However, the other players watched a good video explaining the rules before arriving, and Justin gave a quick run down of rules again to the other players; Evan, Jeremy, and Michael (visiting from Seoul).  Justin borrowed the game from another friend of his, Travis.

The first game took about 3 and a half hours despite having everything set up and having a decent understanding of the game.  It still took some time to work through strategy as the game wasn’t that familiar yet.  Evan won the game with 78 coins at the end.  Halen came in second with 56, Jeremy 51, Michael 50, and Justin had to fight people off a lot, so he ended with 38 coins.

The win conditions come down to coins gained throughout the game, coin values of territories controlled, coin values for stars gained by game advancement, and coins gained from resources as well as special rules depending on the each game’s conditions.  Popularity ranking also plays a large role in the number of coins gained in each area.  The game appears complex and has a lot of options for stars to pursue while watching how other players progress.  It seems fighting is not always in people’s best interest.

Jeremy, Justin, and Halen played a second 3 player game as Evan and Michael both had to leave after the first for different reasons.  Jeremy won the 2nd game with 59 coins, Justin came in 2nd with 54, and Halen 3rd with 40 some coins.

This game has  a very enjoyable mix of genres with a great theme.  We will play again for sure.

The next day, Jeremy G, Jenna, and Daniel played some Codenames and Sheriff of Nottingham.  Jenna won Sheriff of Nottingham with Jeremy in 2nd.  No known results for Codenames, but it sounds like they had some good games.