Smash Up

A 2nd 3 player game of Smash Up.  This one with Anthony, Mary, and Evan. Anthony and Mary were new to the game but picked it up quickly enough to target Evan (his game).  They liked the many possible combinations and depth of the game.  Anthony won with 15 points, followed by Mary at 11, and Evan at 9 successfully kept from too many points. Anthony played steampunks and wizards.  Mary played princesses and bear cavalry.  Evan played giant ants and kitties.



Anthony and Mary showed up to the May game day just as other games were starting.  Evan decided to join them and play Deus.  This was Anthony and Mary’s game but their first time playing with 3.  It was also Evan’s first time playing.  It was an enjoyable game with easy to learn rules.  The actual gods’ named didn’t seem too important to the theme compared to the types of buildings.  We never mentioned the gods names once while sacrificing cards to them.  Anthony won with 106 points as he got some really good cards working together to build points.  Mary got 75 and Evan 71.

May Games in Yangsan

May 21st, 2016 we had board games at Justin and Halen’s new place.  They have a good amount of space and lots of games on site.  11 players and lots played again. A good time was had other than the pizza.  I am already looking forward to the next one.

Power Grid


This game was played February 13, 2016.  Randall brought the game and taught the rest of the players. He had the best game winning with 17 powered plants.  Anthony was 2nd with 15, Evan next with 14 powered out of 15 built, and Mary with 12. Most players tried to start in their home states whether to their advantage or not. Interesting combination of luck and strategy.  The game depends  somewhat on starting positions and cost to connect but also on the available power plants on a given turn.


7 Wonders

Played February 13th 2016 with 7 players using the Leaders expansion.  The players were Aaren (50), Halen (64), Anthony (60), Randall (50), Justin (63), Mary (61), and Evan winning with 66 points.  This was Randall’s first game of 7 Wonders as well.  It was a close and interesting game. No pictures from this game unfortunately.