The Resistance: Avalon

2016-06-25 21.14.48This was the big social deduction game of the day.  It was fun to watch the discussion go back and forth with accusations and deductions.  The good won over the bad this time.  The bad had a final attempt with the assassin to find Merlin but the good guys hid her quite well.  In the end Liz was Merlin and was not even suspected. The evil side included Bruce, Justyna, and Halen.  The good included Justin, Liz, Jeremy G, Katie, Aaren, and Jenna.


2016-06-25 20.01.52A game played with the same teams as the previous game of Codenames.  Once again Jenna, Katie, Aaren, and Liz bested Justin, Jeremy G, Halen, and Justyna.  They proved to be a strong team.


2016-06-25 19.25.32
Team play of Codenames.  Katie, Aaren, Jenna, and Liz beat Justin, Halen, Jeremy, and Justyna 2 rounds out of 3.  The mostly J name team lost in this matchup. This was the first of 3 big group games at a small table.