Updated Record Keeping

I made some changes to the site to make it possible for anyone to post records of games that happen in and around Yangsan. The system was already set up so anyone could do that, but it was also made to create blog posts like this one. I realized that not every game deserves a blog post and that creates a lot of links in people’s feeds. I changed this, so now the records are just made into data that anyone can look at in this form:

Screen Shot 09-03-16 at 03.52 PM

This appears on the winning statistics page found in the links to the left and includes every game that has been played since February some more detailed than others.  The information in the general record can be searched or sorted by name, game, date, or whatever.  You can also follow the link to the blog post about the game for more details like other players and any stories from the game.

This is the only information that will appear when anyone decides to create a record using the game record keeping page also found in the links to the left.

Screen Shot 09-03-16 at 03.53 PM

I made it all as simple as possible.  Enter the date you played using the calendar that pops up.  Enter the game you played. If it is a new game, I will post something later about it under general information.  Write in more like who the players were, scores, and any interesting happenings from the game in details for me to use for a blog post later that can combine information from other games that happened on or around the same date (not individual posts for each game). Enter the number of players, the winner of the game, and the score or the winning/losing conditions (for games with no score or cooperative games). If it is a loss to the Box, you can enter The Box as the winner.Screen Shot 09-03-16 at 03.54 PM

Leave the link box empty because I will make a link to the blog post I put together later.  Upload pictures with the file upload browse buttons if any.  I included 3 boxes which should be enough. Or just send me a message with pictures by Facebook (this is Evan).  Finally, hit submit.  The record will appear immediately.  If there are more games, just go through the process again for each game.  I hope to see games here that happen even when there is no big event and look forward to some shared information and compared experiences in the comments.

Last of all, I made a new about page linked to the left to direct new members to more information about the group, games, etc.

Something New: Yangsan Gamerz

I am adding a way for these record posts and other things to appear in the Facebook feed.  I made it, so they should only appear to Yangsan Gamerz group people.  If you are interested in the game records and pictures, feel free to check and comment.  If not, scroll right on.  I can add or delete from the list as time goes by.  I just figured I could make this a bit more interactive by not having the records only appear on an isolated site with no real traffic.  Look around, reminisce on good gaming experiences, see some scores, etc.  Hope this is useful and fun in between gaming sessions.  See you next time in August or anytime.