Up to 3 Tables

Games got more serious at this point with all players in attendance and games going at 3 tables.  My table played Dragon’s Gold.  The players included Halen, Bruce, Sarah, Justyna, Justin, and myself.  Justin finally won with 39 points, but it was a little close.  I held onto 2nd place with 35 and Justyna a not distant 3rd with 34. Then, Halen, Sarah, and Bruce.

The next table started up a game of Citadels with Jeremy, Ginger, Jef, Injae, and Aaren.  The game went long and seemed competitive.  Finally, Jef won with 34  points followed by Aaren with 26, Ginger, Injae, and Jeremy. The game finished just before dinner was served.

The third table also started a game of 7 Wonders: Duel. It is a 2 player game, but Matt is fairly new to board games, so he is learning through observation.  He teamed up with Jenna to beat Daniel. 57 to 50.  Their game ended just before dinner was served.

My table also played a few more games while we waited for Citadels to finish in order to set up some bigger games and finally finished when dinner was served.  First, Justin, Bruce, Sarah, Justyna, Halen, and I played a simple game of That’s It!.  It takes some careful listening and focus as it can turn a little shouty.  Many people yell out possible answers to a given hint but only 1 answer is written on the card.  Collecting cards with points, Bruce won a close ending tie breaker with me.  Bruce and I had 2 cards each and the same number of points for the last card, so we let rock, paper, scissors decide the result.

We also played a quick game of Spot It! The same players played that game.  It requires focused eyes and quick thinking.  The game is simple but intense.  Sarah won quite easily with 18 points.

Finally, 4 of us played The Grizzled.  Justin, Halen, Sarah, and I started, but I had to stop to help with dinner, so Jeremy stepped in to finish my hand.  This game usually comes to a loss by the players.  It is cooperative as a group tries to live through the horrors and trauma of World War I.  This was a first time win for both Jeremy and I, so he is part of the win in records.  Sarah also played for the first time.  We all won together not unscathed but triumphant.

The Grizzled

Another 2 or 3 games of The Grizzled.  I didn’t catch the exact results, but it doesn’t seem necessary to record the games separately for this as they are short and usually go to the box.  Jeremy, Halen, and Justin played but still couldn’t get a win over the box.

The Grizzled

20160827_142514The first game of August 27th, 2016 was The Grizzled with a new expansion that can be used to change the difficulty level by adding missions.  This game was played by Justin, Halen, Jeremy, and Anthony while waiting for others to arrive at the coffee shop.  Unfortunately, it still did not end in a win.  It is an addictive and maddening game.


The Grizzled

The 2nd attempt and desire for a third, but we decided not to continue.  This time we lost due to having too many traumas in front of one player.  Hard knocks built up on more than one player and couldn’t be removed in time by support.

The Grizzled

This cooperative game is as addictive as it is difficult.  It leaves one wanting to try again and win this time, but that didn’t happen April 30th, 2016.  We played 2 games and lost both.  The first game ended by depleting the cards covering the gravestone.  Winning must be possible! The question is how much suffering can these characters go through, and how many wins do we give the box before giving up?