Final Hours

After the unpictured incredible dinner, games started again in earnest.  Jeremy brought out Tikal.  Aaren brought out Scythe. There was also Star Trek Catan, Ticket to Ride: Europe, and an aborted game of Smash Up.

Jeremy, Sarah, and Justin played Tikal.  I didn’t see much of what happened in that game, but it looked interesting.  It was a learning game for Sarah and Justin.  The game also ended up being very close.  Justin won with 118 points followed by Sarah at 117 and Jeremy over 100. Justin, Sarah, and Halen took off after this game finished.

The game of Scythe ended up going quite long, but it was still a good game. It was a learning game for Justyna and Jef.  It was also only the 2nd game for Aaren, Jenna, and myself.  Matt once again teamed up with Jenna which was a good choice.  The team of Matt and Jenna won once again with a commanding 89 coins compared to second place (me) at 57, Jef at 53, Justyna at 50, and Aaren losing out because of her unlucky position in the game always fighting off Jef and being a convenient target for me at the end.  Sorry Aaren.  This game went through all the way to the end of the night with people cleaning up and going after it finished.

Star Trek Catan was between Injae, Daniel, and Bruce.  It sounds like Bruce has extensive Catan experience which carried over to the Star Trek version and gave him the victory over practiced but less experienced players. Bruce 10, Daniel and Injae tied at 4 in the end.

The final game of the night for this table was a 4 player game of Ticket to Ride: Europe with Daniel, Injae, Bruce, and Ginger.  Daniel’s practice using the phone app paid off giving him the victory with 118 points over Ginger’s close second with 116. Bruce and Injae were not far behind.

This table started up a game of Smash Up while waiting for Scythe to finish as well, but it was not completed as Bruce didn’t get a full 2 decks to play, and it was getting late.

Star Trek Catan

2016-06-25 20.09.55

Ronnie was the teacher once again.  She showed Kate and Emmy how to play leading to Kate winning the game with over the usual total victory points at 12.  Ronnie got 11 points and Emmy 8. This as the groups final game before leaving for the day.  They fit a lot of games into their time.  Hope they can come to join us from Busan again next time.

Star Trek Catan

2016-06-25 16.48.24Mark left after the first game and 7 more arrived, so we split into 3 games with 4 people each.  Jenna, Justyna, Evan, and Aaren  decided to play Star Trek Catan.  Evan had an early lead, but Jenna ended up winning in the end with a secret victory point, the most Starfleet cards, outposts, and starbases adding up to 10 points.  Followed by Evan at 8, Justyna at 7, and Aaren at 5.  This was Aaren’s first time playing Catan at all, and Jenna’s first time joining the games.  Starting out with a win on record.  Not bad.

Star Trek Catan

Ronnie came a long way to play some games and really wanted some Star Trek action.  She also happened to win the game, so pretty good result for her.  She built up starbases (cities) while other players were distracted by who had the longest road.  Well played.  Evan ended with 8, Katie with 4, and Justyna with 5.

Star Trek: Catan


This is a themed version of Catan using the original Star Trek crew. The game play is mostly the same as the original with planets and different resources substituted for wood, sheep, ore, and grain. The one change to keep things interesting is the character cards. These are very useful and make the game even better. 3-4 players 75 minutes.

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