Red 7


This was a learning game of Red 7 for everyone involved.  Justyna, Aaren, Ksenia, and Ginger played the longest game of Red 7 I have seen.  It took awhile to clarify the rules; but after that, they seemed to enjoy it.  They played for quite awhile until Ksenia suddenly got a big winning hand that put her over 30 points.

This was the last game to finish the night for everyone.  Jeremy, Bruce, and Ginger left last and may have continued elsewhere, but I don’t know the results.

Red 7


A card game where each of the cards available to a player can be used as either part of a set or as a tool to change the rules of play. On each turn, the player must finish his or her turn in a winning position or forfeit if unable to create a winning combination of the rules and the cards in play. By Carl Chudyk for 2-4 players.


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