Lanterns: The Harvest Festival

Another game between Ronnie, Aaren, Emy, and Kate (in order of scores).   Ronnie won this time with 44 points, but the scores were very close.  Aaren got 43, Emy 37, and Kate 36.  Good results for all.


Another game of Lanterns late in the day May 21, 2016.  This game was played by Justyna, Aaren, Ginger, and Bruce.  Once again, Bruce fell to last place at 40 points, but this time Justyna won with 44 points. Aaren was 2nd with 43 points followed by Ginger with 41.


2016-05-21-18.29.03Citadels finished before other games, so 4 played Lanterns: The Harvest Festival. Katie, Aaren, Justyna, and Bruce.  The final score was Katie at 49, Justyna 45, Aaren 40, and Bruce 35.  This game looked similar to Splendor.  Quick and simple gameplay.