Complete and Incomplete

January 7th, 2017 included more of Bruce and Ginger’s games.  We played King of Tokyo, Munchkin, and Ticket to Ride before those games leave with their owners.  Unfortunately, Fortress America was not one of the games played.  I really wish I had known Bruce had that one before because it is a great somewhat long game that pits 3 (other countries from west, south, and east) versus 1 (America with home field advantages).  Might have to get that one someday, but it is not cheap.

Anyway 9 player King of Tokyo happened.  That is the limit for King of Tokyo.  The most players possible and all the expansions.  Kate, Bruce, Injae, Ginger, Sarah, Justyna, Ronnie, and I played.  I got knocked out first and went to a different game as more people arrived to play.  Bruce one with points after more people were knocked out of the game.  9 players creates a different game I think.  No one really wants to stay in Tokyo with 8 players to beat on them until the next turn.

Aaron had a turn in the massage chair while King of Tokyo was in progress.  Others also took turns throughout the event as this is one of the few big things Bruce and Ginger are taking with them.  Seems it is worth it despite the size and weight.

There was an attempt to learn to play Smash Up by all new players. It proved to be a bit of a challenge though.  If these players attempt the game again, I will sit in and make sure the rules are clear.  There is a lot to think about with all the different card interactions.  Ronnie, Ginger, Justyna, Kate, and Sarah put in the effort but eventually changed over to Scythe.

Chaos in the Old World and Scythe were the long games of the night.  Chaos got started early enough to finish.  It was a 5 player game including the Horned Rat expansion.  Jenna went from playing Khorne the first time to playing the Horned Rats this time.  It was more challenging. Daniel did well with Slaanesh and came very close to winning by completing his threat dial.  Ryan played for the first time in the group and in the game playing Tzeentsch. Bridget joined games for the first time and gave Chaos a play as her introduction to the group.  She played as Nurgle. Ryan and Bridget dove into the deep end right off, and it was a great game.  I played Khorne and won on points narrowly beating out Daniel and Ryan at the end.  I got an upgrade at the end that allowed me to get 14+ victory points before any win by threat dial was possible.

A 3 player Ticket to Ride with Injae, Bruce and Aaren also happened. It looked like a tough run as Injae won with 98 points just shy of 100.

Scythe started a little late, just before dinner.  Ronnie, Justyna, Kate, Jef, and Sarah played. They seemed to enjoy it but got interrupted by a great dinner put together by Ginger and couldn’t finish before people needed to leave before public transportation stopped running.  Ronnie was winning at the end by points.  She can try to claim that win again next time.

The other incomplete last game was Catan played by Bridget, Ryan, Ginger, and Jenna.  The game was incomplete when the time came to catch subways and buses.

Chaos in the Old World

The long game of the day with everyone basically learning the game as they went along.  This is Evan’s game, and he had played before but was not familiar with all the setup and hadn’t played in quite awhile.  Justin, Daniel, Jenna, and Jeremy were new to the game with some prior reading of the rules, video views, and game watching (Jenna with the least prior knowledge of the game).  Jenna played as Khorne the killer old god and won by just continuing to kill across the board more than the other players could stop her.  She was able to complete her threat dial to win the game.


The other players were Jeremy playing as Slaanesh the tempter, Justin playing as Nurgle the spreader of disease, Daniel as Tzeentch the plotter, and Evan as the Horned Rats the masses.  The closest to stopping Jenna was Jeremy with more victory points followed closely by Daniel and Evan.  Justin had less luck with this first game but still enjoyed it.  He was slightly distracted by his hosting duties and teaching other games in the middle of this one over 4 hour learning game.

2016-07-16 19.25.24

Chaos in the Old World


Along with the Horned Rat expansion makes this a 3-5 player game up to 120 minutes long.  It is a game of strategy trying to corrupt the old world using 1 of 5 demon races with different goals and abilities.  Good design except for the cheap plastic scepters on certain figures that bend or break easily.

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