Extra Credit

Jeremy, Jenna, Justin, and Halen went off to dinner after games at Cafe Swan Valley. After dinner, they enjoyed some games.  I heard that Jeremy and Justin won some games of Spyfall, but I don’t know details.  Also evil found Merlin 3 times or so in games of The Resistance: Avalon, but I don’t know who played for which team.

Sunday, games continued first with 3 players. Justin, Jeremy, and Halen played Tyrants of the Underdark again. Justin won with 74 not giving Jeremy a birthday win or anything.

Jenna joined them and games continued with Scythe.  Jeremy won that one with 99 points playing one of the expansion factions, Clan Albion.

They finished with a game of Inis in which Halen took 6 sanctuaries to win over Jeremy, Justin, and Jenna. One of 3 ways to win in the game.

The Resistance: Avalon

The 2nd game with new teams.  The same 8 players played again, but this time Justin, Katie, and Sam were the villains.  Halen, Jef, Justyna, Aaren, and Ksenia were good.  Aaren was Merlin.  This time things worked out better for the good side, and they were able to complete their missions and find the villains.

The Resistance: Avalon

20160827_150058The biggest group social deduction game of August 27th, 2016.  8 players played twice in a row.  The first game had new player Sam, Halen, and Ksenia as the baddies being pursued by the good Jef, Justin, Justyna, Katie, and Aaren.  Merlin and pals were not successful this time, so Sam has started his first entry into the board gaming world with a win alongside Halen and Ksenia.  Halen is always a villain in this kind of game, so that doesn’t really come as a surprise though.

The Resistance: Avalon

2016-06-25 21.14.48This was the big social deduction game of the day.  It was fun to watch the discussion go back and forth with accusations and deductions.  The good won over the bad this time.  The bad had a final attempt with the assassin to find Merlin but the good guys hid her quite well.  In the end Liz was Merlin and was not even suspected. The evil side included Bruce, Justyna, and Halen.  The good included Justin, Liz, Jeremy G, Katie, Aaren, and Jenna.

The Resistance: Avalon


A solid Party game for 5 to 10 players. Only Merlin knows the identity of those loyal to Mordred but can only speak in riddles.  Good versus evil and social deduction in Camelot.


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