20160827_1656282 This page is a place to detail board games played by the Yangsan Gamerz group in Yangsan, South Korea.  Here, you can find win records, pictures, information about games available to play, stories  about actual playthroughs, and possibly future reviews and livestreams.2016-06-25 21.14.48

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2016-07-16 21.14.18

2016-07-16 19.18.1914067675_1268101816547931_14845757214532130_nWe gather about once a month regularly and have other small gaming sessions from time to time.  The large monthly gatherings usually involve about 12 to 16 people.

The meetings often happen at a coffee shop or at one of the member’s apartments. Games are regularly held at either Evan’s house or Justin’s. Both are admins on the main group page.

If you live around Yangsan and are interested in gaming, feel free to join the group or send a message to either Evan or Justin asking about the next event.  All are welcome, and Justin is especially good at explaining games to new players.  You can find a list of games available locally here  to see the variety of options and make requests to the owners to bring a specific game to the next event if you want to give one a try.

For those already involved in the group, feel free to post your own game results here anytime.  Your records can include stories and details or just the simple facts.  Any games in Yangsan can go on the record as explained here.

Hope to see all interested past, current, and future members for games!


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