3 Player Chess

For 3 players in 1 to 2 hours.  The rules for 3 players are similar to the rules for 2 players in chess.  The board is different of course, and it feels different having to watch out for attacks from 2 sides, but the main things are the same.  When 1 player is checkmated, the game is over at least the way we played. We also played in a way that if a player was in check, the other player not involved in the check could not interfere or take advantage of the situation to put that player in checkmate or to make aggressive moves.  Pawns still become queens if they reach an opponents back row.  Bishops still move diagonally.  Knights are a fun challenge. Understanding the board requires thinking a bit 3 dimensionally.  There are other ways to play, but that is how we played.  More information on other boards and other play methods are in the link below if you are interested.

More info.


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