That’s it!

Plays with 3 to 99 players (according to the box) in 15 minutes.  99 would probably be a bit shouty and difficult.  The idea of the game is very simple, but it is still an enjoyable party game that can also be educational for language learners or children.  There are cards with 5 hints each.  A reader gives the hints one at a time to the other players.  Many answers are possible, but there is only 1 right answer on the card. The person who gets that answer in a timely manner gets a hidden point token with 1 to 5 points on it.  If no one guesses, the reader gets the point.  The final clue is worth 2 tokens.  Whoever has the most points when the card is finished gets to keep the card.  Play continues with a new reader until one player has 3 cards.  That’s It! Really.  I have never completely written the rules out to a game on here before, but there you go.  Simple.

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