Chaos in the Old World

The long game of the day with everyone basically learning the game as they went along.  This is Evan’s game, and he had played before but was not familiar with all the setup and hadn’t played in quite awhile.  Justin, Daniel, Jenna, and Jeremy were new to the game with some prior reading of the rules, video views, and game watching (Jenna with the least prior knowledge of the game).  Jenna played as Khorne the killer old god and won by just continuing to kill across the board more than the other players could stop her.  She was able to complete her threat dial to win the game.


The other players were Jeremy playing as Slaanesh the tempter, Justin playing as Nurgle the spreader of disease, Daniel as Tzeentch the plotter, and Evan as the Horned Rats the masses.  The closest to stopping Jenna was Jeremy with more victory points followed closely by Daniel and Evan.  Justin had less luck with this first game but still enjoyed it.  He was slightly distracted by his hosting duties and teaching other games in the middle of this one over 4 hour learning game.

2016-07-16 19.25.24


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