Pandemic Legacy

2016-05-21-23.13.54A hard fought battle for the first game set in June but a loss to the Box once again.  This loss tragically saw the first death of a player character.  We lost Jackie Brown the quarantine expert as she got 2 more scars during this single game.  She got one by starting a turn in a city with a faded person (the result of an untreatable disease that can only be quarantined).  The 2nd scar came from being in a city in the middle of an outbreak.  This 2nd scar would be the 3rd for the character total as she already had 1.  The end result was losing the game by having too many outbreaks and the death of Jackie Brown. The only good result is that next game our funding goes back up to 6, and that we now have 6 military bases at the start of the game giving us one less task to complete in game.




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