Pandemic Legacy

Played March 12, 2016 with Justin, Halen, Katie, and Evan (versus the Box). Previously completed gameplay up to April objectives. The games set in April were when it all seemed to get out of hand. The objective seemed simple enough at the beginning, but the 2nd epidemic created a mutation of an already untreatable disease. At this point the disease could only be quarantined to contain it and stop its spread. This disease became more serious and could now spread to cities that previously were infected by different diseases. The infected now have translucent skin and are violent (zombie like). The new rules gave new pieces to replace the black cubes. They now appear as little green figures. Players can also be easily scarred by being in cities with these diseased figures, so it becomes more difficult to even quarantine. We lost the first game in the April storyline due to running out of cubes for a different disease while focused on other areas and frequent epidemics. Previous strategies seemed ineffective.



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