Pandemic Legacy

2016-03-12-21.40.51The 2nd game we still could not even start to meet objectives because the zombies spread too quickly. We lost this 2nd in the April storyline due to too many outbreaks. Leading to the destruction of the CDC research station and other rioting cities as well as some mental scarring for players who were trying to control the spread of the new zombie like disease condition. This disease seems uncontrollable at this point. We will have to see if May gives some new way of fighting and winning again. The only good thing is that we can get some of our funding increased and have better abilities to help in the next game. It seems winning too many times in a row can lead to severe disadvantages as well. Before April, we had only lost 1 game which meant we got some win bonuses but also lost funding. We had the same players this second game played March 12, 2016.
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