Meeting in Queenstown (D&D in Yangsan)

First Session: October 16th, 2016

Dungeon Master: Daniel Cryer

Party: Ronnie Wilson as Drow Wizard Zandahar, Emy Speights as Half-Orc Barbarian Malibu Barbarianne, Jeremy Olivier as Tiefling Ranger Lokethos, Tim as Half-Elf Rogue Verrun Seathra, and Bryan as Human Druid Harrison Buttonbottom

 The Story So Far…

Street Fighters


So, I was super bored in the tavern and found this crusty book and a quill. So, I decided to keep a journal!!!!! This is to a) keep track of all the crazy things that I get myself into and b) keep up my penmanship ((OH DEAR, if mother could hear me now!  “Penmanship is next to godliness… blah, blah.” ))
Anyway, I met these people at a stand that was handing out fresh mead. They seemed cool, and dangerous, so I kept an eye on them.  This handsome elf bumped into me, and his face morphed into a Drow! Crazy Shit! Then this stoner Druid guy ( Harrison Button Bottom) saw it, and this tiefling guy ( Lokethos), and everyone freaked out. I didn’t want to start a scene, so I dragged them to a bar to get the Drow drunk for questioning. Loose lips and all that jazz, you know.

Then this  dude Verron Seathra showed up and challenged the brewmaster to a drink-off, which then turned into an extended competition. Someone crashed into the tavern and made fisticuffs at the drow (Zandahar) . (Who, by the way, has been hitting on me and totally drunk and harmless the entire night). Me, Tailman, and the stoner druid would not take any sheit, so they took it outside. The captain called his 2 friends to help him, but to no avail. I  decapitated him  in a fit of rage after he ripped her dress. Lurker Mcgee (Verron) crept from the shadows and shanked a dude, and Zanzibar burned a guy’s face off. We let the last dude live, and made him into our spy to tell us the goings on in the town, and also present us with chocolates and soaps from his uncle’s artisinal soap shop (I KNOW??!!! RIIIGGGHHHTT???!!!). So, then we got a room and bonded like best friends. We found out that the tiefling dude has a luxurious tail, and he is allowed to hunt in the Variweklalsjf territory because of a scar. They are like… wolf people. Or something. He is also on a quest to find a hunting prize to present to his peoples. Anyway, Verron is a sailor, and he and Harry know each other. Harry, aka stoner druid, is a little gross, but cool and chill. He had a weird dream of the world ending… here. So he bumbled to this place to check it out, and do opium. Zanzibar can disguise himself as an elf, and is impossibly thirsty. Anyway, I am getting sleepy, so MALIBU OUT!


Scythe (borrowed)

2016-10-01-15-29-455 players played Scythe on Saturday, October 1st.  Justin and Halen had already played 2 practice games, so they had the best handle on the rules.  However, the other players watched a good video explaining the rules before arriving, and Justin gave a quick run down of rules again to the other players; Evan, Jeremy, and Michael (visiting from Seoul).  Justin borrowed the game from another friend of his, Travis.

The first game took about 3 and a half hours despite having everything set up and having a decent understanding of the game.  It still took some time to work through strategy as the game wasn’t that familiar yet.  Evan won the game with 78 coins at the end.  Halen came in second with 56, Jeremy 51, Michael 50, and Justin had to fight people off a lot, so he ended with 38 coins.

The win conditions come down to coins gained throughout the game, coin values of territories controlled, coin values for stars gained by game advancement, and coins gained from resources as well as special rules depending on the each game’s conditions.  Popularity ranking also plays a large role in the number of coins gained in each area.  The game appears complex and has a lot of options for stars to pursue while watching how other players progress.  It seems fighting is not always in people’s best interest.

Jeremy, Justin, and Halen played a second 3 player game as Evan and Michael both had to leave after the first for different reasons.  Jeremy won the 2nd game with 59 coins, Justin came in 2nd with 54, and Halen 3rd with 40 some coins.

This game has  a very enjoyable mix of genres with a great theme.  We will play again for sure.

The next day, Jeremy G, Jenna, and Daniel played some Codenames and Sheriff of Nottingham.  Jenna won Sheriff of Nottingham with Jeremy in 2nd.  No known results for Codenames, but it sounds like they had some good games.



A worker placement, resource gathering, territory controlling, and mech battle game set in an alternate 1920 after the first world war.  For 1-5 players and runs about 2 to 3 hours.  There are 5 possible sides  to control and gather resources to get units, build up, and have the most money when the game ends.  The map, art, and components are all very impressive as is the game play especially considering it is a kickstarter game.  There is already an expansion for 2 more sides in the game.

More info.

The Castles of Burgundy: The Card Game


For 1 to 4 players in 30 to 60 minutes. If you are familiar with The Castles of Burgundy, this game should be an appealing shorter play version of that.  The cards follow a similar theme along with cards representing dice instead of actual dice to build your castle and the surrounding area and get points.

More info.


La Isla


For 2 to 4 players in 30 to 60 minutes. Discover a new island along with your friends.  Each setup is different as the tiles can be placed randomly in the circular formation to create a new location to explore.  Capture and study more animals to gain points along with your team of 5 scientists.

More info.


Risk Legacy


3 to 5 players in 60 minutes. This is another evolving game like Pandemic Legacy that changes over the course of several campaigns.  The rules change, the map changes, the circumstances change all depending on the way the games play out.  There are 15 campaigns to go through after which the original finishes, but the game can still be used in the final condition.



More info.

Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game


A cooperative zombie survival game with many possible play setups.  Just survive.  Get through betrayal.  Fight off the zombies. Etc.  There are many characters and obstacles with the need to get supplies and food always present along with not getting the attention of hungry roamers.  An enjoyable game for 2 to 5 that can take from 45 minutes to over 3 hours depending on the chosen setup.

More info.


Updated Record Keeping

I made some changes to the site to make it possible for anyone to post records of games that happen in and around Yangsan. The system was already set up so anyone could do that, but it was also made to create blog posts like this one. I realized that not every game deserves a blog post and that creates a lot of links in people’s feeds. I changed this, so now the records are just made into data that anyone can look at in this form:

Screen Shot 09-03-16 at 03.52 PM

This appears on the winning statistics page found in the links to the left and includes every game that has been played since February some more detailed than others.  The information in the general record can be searched or sorted by name, game, date, or whatever.  You can also follow the link to the blog post about the game for more details like other players and any stories from the game.

This is the only information that will appear when anyone decides to create a record using the game record keeping page also found in the links to the left.

Screen Shot 09-03-16 at 03.53 PM

I made it all as simple as possible.  Enter the date you played using the calendar that pops up.  Enter the game you played. If it is a new game, I will post something later about it under general information.  Write in more like who the players were, scores, and any interesting happenings from the game in details for me to use for a blog post later that can combine information from other games that happened on or around the same date (not individual posts for each game). Enter the number of players, the winner of the game, and the score or the winning/losing conditions (for games with no score or cooperative games). If it is a loss to the Box, you can enter The Box as the winner.Screen Shot 09-03-16 at 03.54 PM

Leave the link box empty because I will make a link to the blog post I put together later.  Upload pictures with the file upload browse buttons if any.  I included 3 boxes which should be enough. Or just send me a message with pictures by Facebook (this is Evan).  Finally, hit submit.  The record will appear immediately.  If there are more games, just go through the process again for each game.  I hope to see games here that happen even when there is no big event and look forward to some shared information and compared experiences in the comments.

Last of all, I made a new about page linked to the left to direct new members to more information about the group, games, etc.

Red 7


This was a learning game of Red 7 for everyone involved.  Justyna, Aaren, Ksenia, and Ginger played the longest game of Red 7 I have seen.  It took awhile to clarify the rules; but after that, they seemed to enjoy it.  They played for quite awhile until Ksenia suddenly got a big winning hand that put her over 30 points.

This was the last game to finish the night for everyone.  Jeremy, Bruce, and Ginger left last and may have continued elsewhere, but I don’t know the results.


20160827_222710Another game of Codenames this time between the teams were Evan and Bruce versus Daniel and Jenna.  The game went 5 rounds to avoid a tie.  Bruce and Evan were ahead 2 to 1, but Jenna and Daniel were able to win the last 2 rounds and win.  This was partly due to some missed clues between Evan and Bruce.  It was a fun game to end the night for this group.